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Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal is performed by Lorina. She is the owner of Inya Beauty and Cosmetic Tattoo and has more than 15 years’ experience.

Skinial is a revolutionary, non-laser tattoo removal approach that removes the ink from the skin. It teaches the body to recognise tattoo ink as foreign, so that your body rejects the ink and expels it.

Skinial has many advantages over traditional laser tattoo removal. It is faster, less painful, doesn’t scar, and removes all colours. If you only want part of the design removed, that’s possible too.

At your initial consultation, Lorina will be able to estimate how many treatments you will need to completely remove your tattoo and advise you on pricing.

How it works

The SKINIAL-EX removal liquid is applied to the tattoo, where it slowly penetrates the tattoo ink. It forces the cells that are holding the ink to release the tattoo pigment, resulting in the design fading away. Your skin will scab slightly in the process, which will dry and heal within a few weeks.

Small or light tattoos can often be removed with 1-2 treatments. Complex or large tattoos will require more. Removal and healing is accelerated using the Skinial ScarCare cream, which you need to purchase at the end of your treatment. This cream moisturises the skin and has valuable healing properties.

Before and After care

Avoid taking any blood thinning medications (you may need to consult with your GP), fish or krill oil for 7 days before the treatment. On the day, do not wear makeup on or around the tattooed area.

After the treatment, you should keep the area clean and dry for 3 days. You will also need to protect it for 6-8 weeks while healing occurs.

Protect the area from the sun, and from clothing friction. We will advise you how to use aftercare products correctly, to maximise healing and minimise scarring.