Lash Lift

A revolution in Eyelash Perming has arrived!

Top pic after Lash Lift - Bottom pic before

Top pic after Lash Lift – Bottom pic before

Forget the old-fashioned eyelash perm.

Lash LIft technique is a 45 minute treatment developed in Asia a number of years ago. It uses specially created silicone pads, instead of traditional rollers, to lift your natural lashes from the root to create a natural looking curl/lift that lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks (average is around 8 weeks but varies from person to person). After which, they gently revert back to their natural state.

A lash lift will leave your eyelashes looking like you’ve curled them to perfection every day, without having to do a thing!

Your eyelashes will look longer and your eyes appear more vibrant and open.

Inya Beauty has been successfully providing Lash Lift treatments since 2012. This is a hugely popular and relaxing treatment, highly sought after by clients who want amazing longer looking lashes without having to resort to other high maintenance techniques such as eyelash extensions.

Lash lifting can be used both to straighten and curl lashes to a clients desired height and is a technique suitable for both short and long lashes.

Post treatment there is no downtime, although it is recommended not to wet your new lifted lashes for 24 hours.  After that you’re good to go business as usual!