INYA Beauty & Cosmetic Tattoo Price List


cosmetic tattoo

Full Lip Colour $725
Lip Line & Blend $675
Lip Line Only $495
Beauty Spot/s $99

Spray Tans

Full Body $35
Double Spray $50
Half Body $25
Pack of 5 (paid in advance) $30 each
Pack of 10 (paid in advance) $25 each


cosmetic tattoo

Upper or Lower Lash Enhancement $425
Upper Eyeliner $495
Dramatic Eyeliner (winged or thick) $575
Upper and Lower Eyeliner $725

Lash Lift

Lash Lift $90
Lash Lift with Tint $99


Machine or microblading (feathertouch)

Feathertouch Brows $660
Powder Brows $660
Combo Powder/Feather Brows $699

* Cosmetic Tattoo price includes up to 2  follow up visits, which are to take place within 12 weeks of initial procedure.

* All Inya Beauty & Cosmetic Tattoo pricing is GST inclusive

DrKahee Price List

Botox ®

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

25 units or less $12.90/unit
26-50 units $10.90/unit
51 units or more $9.90

Average would be 40-50 units per person inclusive of: forehead, frown and crows feet.  Masseter or jaw slimming injections on average is 60 units.

Dermal Fillers

1 ml From $450
Juvederm, Restylane or Belotero